You are a game developer and you know well how many questions players usually have. How to complete a level? When will a new update be available? Why doesn’t that thing work? Some players ask these questions and you have to spend your time answering them. All the others won’t ask anything, they won’t find a fast solution and just leave the game.
Ingame Advisor offers an effective solution – use a chatbot to communicate with your players! The chatbot looks like a game character. Players can ask him any question by typing or saying it and get an answer immediately.
You won’t have to answer a million similar questions. Chatbot will forward you only unusual cases which are no more than 15% of all requests. Players will be satisfied as well – they will receive answers immediately and continue playing. The bot won’t ask clarifying questions as it already has all necessary data (device model, game version, player’s progress, etc.).
You might argue that chatbot development takes much time. Well, you’re right. That’s why this technology isn’t in every game yet. However, here Ingame Advisor team comes with the help. Due to our experience and platform, we will do all the work in the shortest time. You will only need to create a character, UI and connect to our platform through a simple Rest API. So contact us and let Ingame Advisor work for you!


Our Clients

Creative Mobile
Sunday Games





  1. 10 mln questions (first 5 months)
  2. 85% understood questions


  1. Number of emails decreased by 92%
  2. Number of questions increased by 32 times
    (comparing to the number of emails received before)
  3. Retention 1 7 30 increased by 5% 2% 0.5%


Even more projects are under development right now…


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